What to Eat during Summer?


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When it comes to health, one of the most important is simply food. What we eat and the eating behavior influence the health and quality of our life. Throughout the year, when the environmental conditions change, our body has to rapidly adapt to various changes in temperature, hormonal and nutritional, so diet plays an important role in helping the body to resist all these variations.

The excessive summer heat overwhelms us. We feel tired physically and mentally. Digestion is more cluttered, the risk of dehydration increase and variations occur in the blood pressure. We feel the need to conduct many outdoor activities, to take advantage of the sun, but the body consumes a good deal of energy in the process of thermoregulation, trying to drop the temperature, and it does so primarily through the water elimination along with the loss of significant quantities of minerals. In these conditions, the body’s needs are turning to increased fluid intake and light eating, low in calories, but rich in liquids and minerals food.

Nutritionists advise us to respect the three main meals of the day, even if sometimes, because of the heat, we do not feel hungry. Summer comes with plenty of fruits and vegetables and that is exactly what the body needs to consume during hot weather.

What is advisable to eat at breakfast
A breakfast low in calories is not recommended in a high temperatures summer day because it can lead to a decrease of blood glucose before lunch hour with mental and physical fatigue. It is preferable to consume milk, yogurt, whole grains, bananas, black bread in the morning, and avoid sausages, fried eggs or fizzy drinks.

What it is advisable to eat at lunch
To remain active during the day, lunch must be easy, diversified and low in calories, so lean meats, soups, fruits and salads are the best. The most recommended are the green salads, with tomatoes, green onions, with plenty of lemon juice and grilled meats, and fruits such as bananas, kiwi, pears, apricots and melons. Avoid sauces and fatty meats.

If you are in the city center at lunch time, we gladly welcome you at Vatra. You can find in the menu tasty chicken or meatball soups, vegetables or tripe soups, ready to be savored in silence, or cool salads with fresh vegetables, grilled chicken and cottage cheese, so you can have a lot of energy all day long.

If you crave for a light dessert, ice cream and profiteroles, with mint and strawberries flavored lemonade, are healthier alternatives to any pastry.

Lemonade at Vatra Restaurant

What is advisable to eat at dinner
If you want to wake up less tired the next day, you need to eat a dinner consisting of smaller portions. Fish seasoned with vegetables is wonderful. Salads with olive oil or side dishes in reasonable quantities, too. Avoid constant consumption of fried foods because of the overburdening of the liver at late hours. After dinner, a glass of wine with a light dessert (see Livia Cup) induce a state of relaxation, with beneficial effects on the sleep, especially in summer.

Of course, water and movement are essential during summer time. A 20 minutes walk every night after dinner can be of real help for digestion and mood, especially when the heat is slowly withdrawing so you can breathe freely on the streets.

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