Benefits of Eating Meat

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We already know that the human body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to maintain its health and to be able to provide energy to perform more easily our daily activities. And proteins are essential for any balanced nutrition, but only if the daily intake is also a balanced one.

A few things about proteins
Proteins are macronutrients with a central role in maintaining the muscle, bone, cartilage, hormones, enzymes, hair and skin balance. Basically, in the long term, their absence affects nerve cells in the body, bones and muscles development, causing anemia and hormonal disorders, excessive drying of the skin, hair loss and broken nails, and digestion becomes cumbersome. Proteins contribute to the satiety feeling and stimulates the production of energy, along with carbohydrates and fats.

Protein sources are of vegetable (soy, lentils, beans, quinoa, hemp, spirulina) and animal origin (eggs, milk, meat). Unlike plant proteins, the animal ones contain more amino acids necessary for the health of the human body.

Benefits of Eating Meat
People are divided when it comes to meat. Some consider meat consumption harmful, others, on the contrary, believe that a meal without meat cannot be nourishing. Nutritionists and doctors urge an optimal dosage, depending on each person’s needs. Meat is part of the food needed for a good health. Be it fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork or venison, a balanced intake of meat with vegetables contribute to a stronger immune system and a well-developed muscle mass.

Fish is one of the best choices, being low in saturated fat, but rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Regular consumption of fish meat prevents anemia, osteoporosis, inflammation, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and can have positive effects on depression. It is recommended to eat grilled or cooked in the oven fish, not fried.

If you crave for a tasty and healthy cooked fish dish, we recommend a grilled sea bass served with mashed potatoes or celery or a Fagaras trout (Romanian Fish) with broccoli and potatoes, along with a glass of Romanian white wine. Find in the menu other tasty meat dishes.

Sea Bass at Vatra Restaurant

Chicken provides most of the B vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, E, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, having a role in the metabolism of thyroid hormone (role in immunity) and prevention cataracts and heart disease.

Turkey meat contains more nutrients than chicken. Due to its high content of protein, turkey is recommended for weight loss diets. The minerals help the normal functioning of thyroid and immune system, improve sleep quality and protect against cancer (due to the amount of selenium).

Lean beef, without the visible traces of fat, has a low caloric intake and it is recommended especially to obese people, as it provides quality protein and therefore it prevents the loss of the muscle mass.

Pork contains thymine (vitamin B1), selenium, zinc, vitamin B3 and, most importantly, iron – iron deficiency is a problem for the majority of women, children and adolescents. Consumed in reasonable amounts, 2-3 times per month, does not affect health. It is however necessary to pay attention to the large amount of fat, to prevent the growth of the cholesterol level. In addition, an increased consumption slows digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods.

Venison contains a high amount of protein and iron. It is also low in fat and rich in linoleic acid, which helps fight against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has an essential role in preventing anemia and helps increase energy levels.

The meat quantity and the cooking process are more important than the meat dish we prefer. Avoid fried foods and opt instead for the boiled, steamed or cooked in the oven foods. Also, avoid the excess of protein, which may cause water retention and may overwork the kidneys. A balanced diet is the key to a slim silhouette and a good health.

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