8 Natural Parks In Romania To Visit During Autumn

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Most people choose to travel during the summer, but there are destinations in our country that become rather spectacular in the autumn rusty mark. Romania has some of the oldest forests in Europe, fantastic valleys, mountains and landscapes that get an unrivaled beauty in the symphony of colors during autumn. So if you love nature and hiking and want to take advantage of the (still) beautiful weather outside, take a walk through these real Romanian paintings of nature.

1. Letea Forest is the oldest wildlife reserve in Romania. It is located in Tulcea County and has the scientists’ attention since 1930, when it was put under the care (it is a protected area). Here are 500 species of plants and 3,000 species of animals and is the only place in Europe where vines are found. Many of exotic plant species are unique in Europe or in the world, as occurred due to seeds brought from Africa by migratory birds.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Letea Forest

2. Also found in Danube Delta, in the north of Tulcea County, there is Macin Mountains National Park – Macin Mountains are the oldest mountains in Romania, with unique landscapes, steppe at the base, followed by forest with holm oak and then again grassland steppe. Tourists can find various hiking trails, historical sites, flora and fauna protected by law and Valea Fagilor (Beech Valley) Nature Reserve, occupied entirely by phage bull unique in Dobrogea.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Macin Mountains National Park

3. In the north of the country, in Neamt and Harghita counties, you can find Cheile Bicazului National Reserve and Lacul Rosu (Red Lake). Cheile Bicazului road has a lot of serpentines, but the Black Cave and Cave Falls (Pestera Neagra and Pestera Cascada) worth the effort. Red Lake is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania, the name coming from the Red Creek, crossing layers of red, oxides and hydroxides of iron. Lake’s surroundings have a very rich fauna and flora. If you pay attention, in a simple boat ride on the lake, you can admire both coniferous forests, fir, maple and aspen on the slopes around, but also animals like lynx, chamois, wolves, deer, wild boars.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Cheile Bicazului National Reserve and Lacul Rosu (Red Lake)

4. Tourism sites describe Nera-Beusnita National Park as one of the most beautiful natural areas in Romania. Among the tourist attractions there are caves, lakes and stunning waterfalls: Eye Bey, Devil’s Lake, keys limestone of Nera, Bigar Waterfall and Beusnita Waterfall, often mentioned in the international charts and guides (Bigar Waterfall appointed in 2013 by the World Geography as the most beautiful waterfall in the world). The park is located in Southwest, in Caras-Severin county, and it is an area protected by law. Here you can visit the Oravita-Anina railway, the first mountain railway in Romania, the Danube boilers (Cazanele Dunarii) or the water mills from Eftimie Murgu.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Nera-Beusnita National Park

5. National Park Putna – Vrancea is a legally protected area, located in the extreme west part of Vrancea County (Eastern Carpathians). Putna waterfall was declared a Natural Monument since 1973. Near the park, you can visit Lacul Negru, Caldarile Zabalei, Padurea Verdele, Algheanu, Focul Viu, Lepsa Monastery, the Memorial House of Vrancioia, sculpture workshops, Lepsa crafts (folk masks) and traditional wooden houses in Barsesti and Negrilesti.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: National Park Putna - Vrancea

6. Maramures Mountains Natural Park – located in the northern part of Maramures, the park purpose is to conserve the landscape and local traditions. Among the most visited places there are Vaser Valley with vast and untouched forests, enabling wildlife, where access is only permitted with the steam engines trains (Mocanita) and Viseu de Jos and Viseu de Sus, where are still many traditional households and elders wearing traditional costumes. Vaser Valley is under European protection since 2007.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Maramures Mountains Natural Park

7. Vanatori Natural Park – Located in Neamt county, the park has an area of 30 818 hectares, enough room to house animals that are endangered: brown bear, bison, stag, fallow deer, deer and wild boar. And if you get tired after hiking across the park, know that there are a lot of monasteries in the park’s surroundings – Neamt, Secu, Sihla Agapia and Varatic – Neamt Fortress, that dates back over six centuries, and Humulesti – the birthplace of Ion Creanga, a very important Romanian writer.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Vanatori Natural Park

8. Gradina Zmeilor (Garden of the Dragons) – is a protected area that is located in the central-eastern Salaj County, near the village of Galgaul Almasului, and is unique in Europe. Due to repeated air and water actions in time, odd stone shapes have been created, looking exactly like kites. Visitors are attracted by the beauty of legends invented by locals and spectacular scenery. Although it is still a wild area, Gradina Zmeilor is now easier to be visited, because of the paved trails and stairs created through and over the “dragons”. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

Natural Parks in Romania by Vatra Restaurant: Gradina Zmeilor

Of course, Romania has many places with breathtaking landscapes, most of them can be found in Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains. Some of these places are known to tourists, others still preserve wildlife, only allowing their animals to walk on their land. Much of the beauty of these places is given by the culture of the people, villages and sheepfolds who still respect ancient traditions, and also by the slow cooked food and the people for whom life flows smoothly and the time has patience …

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